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August kevad/suvi 2017

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Augusts fourth collection, designed with sustainability in mind, seeks to create an elegant gender-fluid aesthetic between feminine and masculine wardrobe elements. Comfortable everyday essentials, with a modern twist of details are combining Nordic minimal silhouettes with work wear components. Mixture of different natural Augusts signature materials are used from rustic GOTS certified organic cotton and […]

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The Steamery nüüd SfääRis!

1. Image picture. Cirrus steamer

Steaming has for a long time been an obvious part of the fashion industry and the first hand choice for fixing pieces at fashion shoots and backstage on fashion shows. It is easy to see why. Steaming is fun, effective and it comes with a number of other benefits. It has although been a well […]

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Karhu – Spring colors in store!


History of KARHU:

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Uus SfääRis – TANGENT GC


“Supermarket detergents are full of corrosive chemicals, which is why David Samuelsson came up with laundry products made solely from natural ingredients.” — Monocle “Tangent GC take away the need for harsh, generic laundry soaps and softeners with their range of gentle & lightly scented products for your entire wardrobe.” — Selectism “Tangent GC was […]

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Sel aastal tähistame isadepäeva Scott-Nichol sokkidega, disainitud ja käsitsi valmistatud Inglismaal, alates 1937 – midagi sinu nõudliku maitsega isale!   

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Manifattura Ceccarelli


Founded in 1998 by Giuliano Ceccarelli, SEATTLE SNC Specializes in the production of traditional outdoor jackets, cardigans, shirts, pants, and bags for men and women. They have a reputation for quality and craft which has led them to produce FILSON Black label for over 10 years and thus manufacture the outdoor jackets for PENDLETON. Manifattura […]

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