Served Tuesday to Friday from 08:00 - 11:30
Blueberry kefir smoothie4,00
Pancakes with jam or maple syrup4,50
Oatmeal with almond milk vegan4,50
SfŠŠääR's muesli with milk and chocolate4,50
Avocado toast with chilli, mix of seeds and lime4,50
Creamy porridge from raw buckwheat with bacon4,50
Blueberry smoothie bowl vegan6,00
Omelette with smoked cheese and bacon6,00
Eggs Benedict with salted trout, ham or avocado7,00

Served Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 15:00
Blueberry kefir smoothie4,00
SfääR's muesli with milk and chocolate4,00
Avocado toast with chilli, mix of seeds and lime4,50
Pancakes with jam or maple syrup4,50
Pan-fried potatoes with sour cream, bacon and egg5,00
Blueberry smoothie bowl vegan6,00
Omelette with smoked cheese and bacon6,00
Eggs Benedict with ham, salted trout or avocado6,00
SfääR's special huevos rancheros with beans, salsa and pita bread7,50

SfŠŠääR's "toast skagen" with prawns, lemon mayonnaise, fish roe and buttery white bread8,00
Beef tartar with capers, shallots, mustard-yoghurt mayonnaise and buttery white bread9,00
Salted Lavaret whitefish with beetroot, herring roe and ricotta pancakes9,00
King prawn tempura with wasabi mayonnaise and wakame salad9,00
Selection of snacks to accompany wine
- for two10,00
- for four18,00

Chicken soup5,00
Tomato soup vegan6,00
Silky pumpkin-ginger soup with goatcheese-tomato salad and yogurt6,00
SfääR's special seafood soup made from Estonian freshwater fish and blue mussels7,50

Warm chicken salad with poached egg, pan-fried potatoes, bacon and pineapple-yoghurt sauce8,50
Trout salad with poached egg, sweet cucumber and avocado sauce9,50
Baked goat cheese with red quinoa, marinated pear and beetroot yoghurt sauce10,50
Veal salad with tuna sauce and capers10,50

Pasta Carbonara9,00
Handmade SfääR ravioli9,50
Linguine pasta with king prawns, fennel and tomato cream sauce11,50
Seafood risotto with prawns and baked trout13,00

Chickpea patty
pan-fried chickpea patties with Beluga lentils, vegetables and spicy coconut sauce vegan, gluten-free
Corn fed chicken
with sweet potato, lemon jam and butter roasted carrots
Lamb patty
Minced lamb patty seasoned with a hint of chili, coriander and butter-roasted onions served with mashed potato and skinless baked tomatoes
Fish of the day
panko crumbed white fish fillet with tartar sauce and oven-baked beetroot tomato salad
Märjamaa beef fillet
served with mashed potatoes, vegetables from Kopra Karjamõis and sauce made of Põltsamaa tõmmu

Selection of SfääR's house-made ice creams and sorbets1 scoop/ 3.50
Cake of the day (ask your wait staff for the cake of the day!)3,50
Lemon tart4,00
Chocolate passion fruit cake4,00
Passion fruit cream cheese mousse with mango-lemongrass jelly and butter biscuit5,00
Honey baked fig with chocolate ice cream, blueberry kissel and Greek yoghurt5,00

Chicken soup2,00
Pan-fried potatoes served with sour cream, bacon and egg2,50
Chicken pasta with cheese sauce3,00
Lambkin meatballs served with potato puree3,50

Carafe of water60 cl / 1,60
Reval mineral water, sparkling / natural33 cl / 2,00
Römerquelle mineral water, sparkling / natural33 cl / 2,20
Plose mineral water, sparkling / natural75 cl / 3,80
BTW Tonic Water20 cl / 3,00
Fentimans Tonic Water12,5 cl / 3,00
Fentimans Victorian Lemonade27,5 cl / 4,00
Fentimans Cherrytree Cola27,5 cl / 4,00
Fentimans Mandarine and Seville Orange Jigger27,5 cl / 4,00
Fentimans Ginger Beer27,5 cl / 4,00
Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Zero / Sprite / Fanta25 cl / 2,00
Schweppes Tonic Water / Russchian25 cl / 2,00
Selection of juices25 cl / 2,00
Freshly squeezed juices40 cl / 4,50
Semu buckthorn juice25 cl / 3,00
Milk / kefir25 cl / 1.00
TWG kettle teas
Emperor Sencha (green tea)
An invigorating Japanese green tea that is ideal during or after a meal. Rich in vitamin C, also contains a little theine.
Jasmine Queen (green tea)
Intoxicating jasmine flowers enhance the sparkling elegance of this delicately fashioned green tea
Nuwara Eliya (black tea)
A black tea from the island of Ceylon. This tea is renowned for its light and generous complexity
Vanilla Bourbon (red tea)
Red rooibos tea from South-Africa, caffeine-free, blended with vanilla (perfect for children as well!)
Maroccan Mint (green tea blend)
A timeless classic. A great favorite, this fine green tea is perfectly blended with suave and strong Sahara mint.
Imperial Oolong (blue tea)
A well-balanced and flavorful semi-fermented tea with a sweet and fruity savour and a divine, lingering aftertaste
Pai Mu Tan (white tea)
Smooth, delicate and refreshing tea, perfect for ending the day
SfääR's coffee
Similarly to Chemex, this is also a filter coffee, but smaller in the amount and more concentrated. Perfect as the first cup in the morning and also for enjoying throughout the day.
300ml - 5,00
The Chemex coffeemaker was invented in 1941 and is a real masterpiece when it comes to making coffee. What makes Chemex special, are the clean and clear flavours, which are ensured by the thicker filter than usually used.
500ml - 8,00
This method of coffee making became extremely popular in the 1960s in Japan. The process of making it is already beautiful to observe, resulting in a strong coffee with intense flavours.
300ml - 8,00
Hot drinks
Double espresso2,90
Espresso Macchiato2,90
Caffe Latte3,90
Ask your waiter or waitress about our different coffee beans. All of our coffee drinks are made using SfääR' s own special roast.